Wrockwardine Wood & Trench Parish Council

The Council has eleven councillors covering three wards, two on Wrockwardine Wood Ward, eight for Trench Ward and one councillor for the East Ward. There are two members of staff, the Clerk and the cleaner/caretaker.

The Council maintains the Parish Council Centre which is a community building, and manages allotments at Stanmore Drive. We fund the maintenance of street lighting in the parish and are responsible for the maintenance of the churchyard at Holy Trinity Church, Wrockwardine Wood.

The Council provides grants to groups within the community and to outside groups that benefit the community. Please contact the Clerk for an application form, a copy of your bank account will be required. Please note that grants can’t be made to individuals.

some facts about us

Population of 6679 (as per 2011 census) with 2724 households.

Over 52.9% of the population are aged between 25 – 64, 14.4% aged 65+. Almost a quarter (23.8%) of households in Wrockwardine Wood & Trench are one person households, (19.5%) of households in the ward does not have access to a car. 2107 residents are employed full-time ( 42.6% ). 656 residents work part time employees ( 13.3% )


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