On the first Wednesday of each month, The Chairman, Clerk and Cllr. Anne Watkins, together with a member of the Local Police Team walk around an area of the Parish of Wrockwardine Wood & Trench to look at any environmental problems such as litter, overgrown hedges, vandalism etc – anything that causes concern.

We report these problems to the relevant authority for appropriate action. If you have any environmental problems in your area that we need to address, please let us know. You can ring us on 01952 616363. If you see us out please come and talk to us.

On one of our EVAs (see above) we walked over the large piece of the Cockshutt that is in our Parish.

The author of a document in our keeping, entitled ‘A Short History & Profile of Wrockwardine Wood’ wrote the following article on The Cockshutt:

“The name Cockshutt or Cockshoote is synonymous with woodland. It would be hard to imagine a treeless Cockshutt, yet the mining efforts of the 17th and 18th Century left parts of the Parish appearing derelict. A survey of trees in 1837 found only 252 trees remaining. The Lilleshall Company was responsible for the re-afforestation of the area in 1865.”

You can find more history on the Cockshutt and Wrockwardine Wood at

Because we enjoyed our EVA of the Cockshutt so much we were inspired to take some photographs showing the natural beauty of the area.

Please click any of the smaller photos to see a larger version below.